Time to work

Aug 15 2011

I am now just days away from 'snapping' on my latex gloves and getting to work.  Flowers that is.  I always feel like it's re-learning to ride a bike, but once I pick up a flower, it's all good.  I miss going to the wholesale market, smelling sweetness, falling head over heels in love all over again with flowers.


photo by Tom Barwick, s/s 2008

first bouquet
photo by Jim Henkens f/w 2004

These are 2 of my favorite bouquets, both featured in Seattle Bride Magazine.  The later one was my very first bouquet in a magazine, and the best day was when a bride brought the picture to her consultation! Not that I'm doing a wedding this time (the only wedding I'd want to do now is a relative or my own!), but one sweet Greek baptism, and then flower samples for a Sept event, complete with linen samples and glassybabies (http://www.glassybaby.com/).  This is fun.