Getting ready to be busy.

Aug 26 2011


I must admit, other than the day to day stuff, I have been not very busy.  Not very motivated either.  Must be the heat.  I wonder how I can allow myself to stay un-busy.  I enjoy the peacefulness, but in my head, I am shouting, 'get busy!'  The loess is everywhere, but I don't dust it away, the bathrooms need a sparkle, but I turn my head and look the other way.  The studio is a mess, but I say, 'tomorrow, I'll tackle it.'  When it's something for me, I am lazy, when it's for someone else, I am on top of it. Soon I will be traveling back to Seattle to work, flowers for my client, flowers for my friend's wedding reception.  I have no choice in the matter, I get to get busy.  And in that setting I thrive.  I love the planning, the trouble shooting, the minute by minute itinerary.
I do get to have a bit of fun, too.  For 3 days at the end of the 16 days, I will do something for me.  I hope I can stay motivated, as I will be making art.  Building something wonderful, with a fantastic artist as my instructor.  And then, to wrap it all up, Fall Feast, a wonderful day of friendship and eating and drinking at a beautiful cabin in the mountains.  It will be a blissfully happy day, the perfect ending to my busy days (it would be best if Larry and Maddy could be with me...). I'll post pictures after the busy.