Autumn air

Oct 09 2011


When I left home for my Seattle job 3 weeks ago, it was still hot and sunny here.  I've been back a week, and I returned to a town encased in autumn, my favorite time of the year. While in Seattle, I got to spend a day working at NW Encaustic Studio in West Seattle.  I decided to look at color in a different way, not to be afraid of it (I tend to like brown and cream, over and over again).  I love what I did, and it wasn't scary at all!


Yummy earth tones, rusty looking!

I am loving working with pan pastels,'s like finger painting!

These were all enspired by an ad for ceramic tiles.

It was freeing to try color, and the circles are raised, which is fun to do, but scary to pull off the tape!

This was inspired by an old oil painting of flowers, so faded I almost couldn't tell what they were.

I am going to go for a walk now, to crunch some leaves under my feet...