Art vs. Flowers

Sep 11 2012

 I am an artist.  That's getting easier to believe.
I taught encaustic painting for the first time this summer. I'll be selling my art at the Best of the NW Art and Fine Craft Show in Seattle in Nov. I have been able to participate in Friday's On First, part of the WW Art Walk.  It's been so wonderful to meet people who don't know what encaustic art is, and this month I did a demo!  That brought many more people to watch and ask questions. Now, to ponder the title, Art vs. Flowers... I leave tomorrow for Seattle again to play with beautiful flowers, something I still enjoy, it is a form of art, is it not?...but I need to focus on my encaustic art, and that leads me to wonder if I should continue being a florist.


Or...I should start doing encaustics paintings of flowers.  Would that satisfy me?