Liberated My Art!

Sep 12 2012

I participated in a wonderful postcard swap, postcards with lovely art from artists around the world.  Organized by Kat Sloma, you send her 6 postcards of your art, not original work, but I used MOO, so they look fantastic, I love MOO...but I digress... I have seen 3 of my postcards posted on the FB site, but can't for the life of me remember what the other 2 cards were!  I had 20 images made, and picked them at random.  Was it a nest?  An abstract?  If you received my card, let me know!!







I received some wonderful cards!

Ok...tip your head to the right...I tried several times, even saving changes to the rotated photo, and it still comes out sideways.
The wheat field, Shannon Joyce; Dirty Martini, Jill Hejl; Beautiful bowls, Jen Erbe,; Vase of flowers, Tangerine Meg,; Tulips, Dotti Romejart,; Hydrangeas, Kat Sloma,
This has been quite fun, and I can't wait to do it again next year!!