2 Day Encaustic Class

Jul 24 2013

WAX AND WINE ONCE AGAIN! After a wonderful Wax and Wine Weekend in March of this year, I plan to do it again, and this time it's a 2 day event. I am so excited to again be teaching encaustic painting, this time in Dayton WA, Sept 21-22, 2013, at the beautiful studio of Monica Stobie.  This will be a two day class, covering the basics for new students, as well as offering more challenging techniques and experimental 3D for intermediate/advanced students.  There will be something for everyone!  Limited to 15 students, you can register with me at colleen.monette@yahoo.com.  Send me a message and I'll get all the information to you! 

Here is the paypal link where you can register for the class.


Here are some photos of the first event, taken by the lovely Jeanette Reynolds Cullum! (though in no particular order, I still have a learning curve when it comes to computers!)