Wax and Wine Class...again!

Sep 20 2013

Tomorrow I get to share my love of encaustic painting with 14 lovely people.  So on Saturday and Sunday, I will share what I've been taught by some of the most creative artists I know.  I find the time with students and other artists so rewarding, as it pushes me to the limits of my knowledge of encaustic and in my ability to express myself and grow as an artist and teacher. Thanks to Monica Stobie, who has graciously offered up her insanely amazing studio (I am bohemian earth green with envy) in Dayton.  It's a dream...as I set up today, looking out at the hills, watching the Golden Girls-her 3 chickens-run around the yard, I felt quite wonderful.  What a lucky girl I am, to do what I love, share it with others and make new friends.    Now that's bohemian earth green.  Heaven on earth.